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Access to sessions

GTFA believes that everyone should have a right to equal access sport and social interaction in an integrated and non-judgemental atmosphere by providing fully adapted and accessible training sessions. GTFA strive to meet the needs of young people (disabled or non-disabled) in the provision of exercise, sport and social interaction.


Tackling discrimination

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity in all sessions and to ensuring that our service is accessible, welcoming and relevant to everyone. We aim to ensure that no person faces discrimination based on his/her race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, health, age, class, religion.  We recognise that this requires action on our part - to promote our service; monitor how it is used; consult on the needs we can meet; encourage feedback, comments and complaints; address how it is staffed and managed; and improve and develop our service in response.



It is the responsibility of GT Football Academy to ensure that the equal opportunities policy is implemented, monitored and reviewed to cover all areas of our service provision. Ensuring that we identify and assess the needs and the provision of services, recruitment, training and conditions of service, and in any contracting procedures (i.e. the use of temporary staff and services).


Recruitment and Employment

GT Football Academy seeks to ensure that staff reflect the range of skills and experience required.  We believe that our service to participants benefits from a diverse committee, contributing the broadest possible range of ideas and experiences to our work. We positively encourage applicants who reflect the members’ group we serve at all levels. We are committed to ensuring that applicants do not face discrimination based on race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, health, age, class, marital status, religion or unrelated criminal conviction.


Legislation and Best Practice

GT Football Academy is aware of the statutory requirements laid down in the Race Relations Act, The Sex Discrimination Act, Employment Acts and the Disability Discrimination Act, and will ensure that these are adhered to throughout the organisation.  We welcome the requirements that all areas of our work and practice must be designed to ensure that they do not have directly or indirectly discriminatory effects and include specific equal opportunities elements in all our policies and procedures.  



GT Football Academy Management have overall responsibility for our equal opportunities policy. All staff members (paid or unpaid) are responsible for contributing to the development of the policy and practice on equal opportunities and for implementing it in all their work.



Feb 2014 (Reviewed annually)

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