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Summer Camp

I remember when I was 8 years old and broke up for the summer holidays, all I wanted to do was go to the local community centre with my friends and play a range of activities. From football to table tennis to climbing the frame and going head first down the slide.

Summer Camp

We had no Play Station, X Box or iPhone. We were lucky to have a bicycle or football to occupy ourselves. One of the biggest skills growing up was making friends and socialising. We believe that this is quickly disappearing with the rise of social media and technology.

GTFA camps really embed traditional skills to develop young children to have important life skills and values including respect, fair play and equality. If you want your children to have a positive experience playing sports and interacting with other children, book onto a GTFA service.

Click Book Online on the home page and follow the instructions. If you need help, contact us on 07973 733736 or

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